Sunday, October 26, 2008

Shanghai Beautiful girl seeking for a boyfriend

Queenie Melody
Queenie Melody

A member of Shanghai's Liba BBS forum called "Queenie_Melody" is looking form a man to become her boyfriend.

This girl is seeking for a rich guy, has a big house, and a car. Who want to be her boyfriend ?

As taken from other blogs, here is the quote of Queenie_Melody :

Born 1985 on New Year’s Day~166cm, 44kg, body is considered pretty good~, education: vocational college.
Right now at a video game company in administration , monthly salary about 4-5k RMB.
I like to stay at home, usually I do not go out at night, so guys who like bars or nightlife can forget it. (I have a curfew)

I am a little girl hoping to find a guy who will take care of me.
Age should be born between 1977-1983 except for 1979. I am afraid of those 6 years apart from me.
Height should be within 175-185cm~to tall I cannot handle, wearing high heels everyday is very tiring, and I do not want the very skinny type.
I like guys with double-eyelids haha. I want the type of guy with big eyes~
I like to dye my hair but I do not like my boyfriend to dye his hair~
I want to find a Shanghainese guy who has a big house (without mortgage), I like to have a pet dog~ best if you have a car…I am afraid of walking and I always take a taxi when I go out (I admit I am wasteful T.T Go ahead and scold me).
Hope the guy’s salary is at least 2x mine…

PS: Sometimes I am very childish, guys who cannot deal with this should not apply.
I like doggies, guys who cannot deal with pets should not apply.
Guys with bad or irritable temperaments should not apply.
Most most important is~players not allowed!!!
If there is anything to add, I will edit after I think of them…

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