Monday, September 8, 2008

How to date a chinese girl

How to date a chinese girl

Chinese Girl is not same with other girl arount the world. A high tradition based, make a non-chinese guy find some difficulties to date this chinese girl. However, actually chinese girl still a girl that needs love and romance. Just find out how to melt the girl heart, with some learning from this tips.

Here are some tips to date a chinese girl :

1. These China ladies are as interested in seeing what you look like as you are in seeing what they look like. So always try to send them a recent, clear, close up picture of yourself. And always make sure you show a big smile. A smiling face is important to Chinese Women.

2. Always treat these China women with respect. All of the Chinese ladies on this web site Chinese wives would be very offended and would not respond at all if you mentioned any other rude oriented comments.

3. chinese women as a rule, often look for a husband that is a few years older than themselves(10-20). But you need to use a little common sense. If you are a 60 year old man you will more than likely be wasting your time looking for a 25 year old girl from China.

4. Most of these China ladies realize that you may be communicating with more than one Chinese woman. It is always best to use a certain amount of discretion. Never make them feel as if they are competing with each other over you or you will surely loose all of them.

5. If you see any of these Chinese girls that you are interested in, don't wait too long to communicate with them. The more attractive and educated they are, the sooner they will find someone for marriage.

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