Friday, August 13, 2010

Justin Bieber sexiness Admire Kim Kardashian

                    Justin Bieber - Kim Kardashian @splashnews

After spending time together at the White House gala dinner and play wet-basahan for Elle magazine photo shoot, Justin Bieber admitted proximity to Kim Kardashian. They both communicate with each other although both are very busy schedule. Both couples are in love bak.

"I am often out of fuel with it. We talked all the time," said 16-year-old superstar.

Bieber admitted himself very lucky to work with this caliber star Kim Kardashian.

"She was very beautiful, I mean ... anyone would want to take pictures with him," said Bieber in her 29th year, as quoted from

But there is something more than in his appearance. According to Bieber, "Apart from very, very sexy and exciting, he's actually a very nice and sweet."

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