Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Beijing Girl Looking for Western Guys

beijing girl searching friends

A Beijing Chinese girl called Iris is looking for western guy, and make friends with them. She wants to learn western culture and exchange knownledge. This chinese girl also gives her facebook id, and email.

Everbody especially from western, want to know Iris more, please add her facebook or send email to her.

Iris Profile :

Name : Iris Zhao
Location : Beijing, China
Birth date : May 05 1987
Language : Mandarin, English

Here is the letter from Iris, as taken from http://www.chinese-tools.com/forum/read.html?q=26%2C73006

my name is Iris,I'm form Beijing, I want to learn more western culture
and make foreign friends,I think Facebook works very well.
If you want contact me, jion my facebook. zhaoyirongw@gmail.com or iriszhao7@gmail.com
looking for and waiting for
best wishes iris

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