Monday, November 10, 2008

Chinese girl priority in chinese woman life

Chinese Woman

Marry a Chinese Woman is not so difficult if we can think like theirself. Chinese woman is a really good wife, a house care taker. She loves her children, her family, and everythings related to her house work.

While perhaps an extreme instance - or maybe not - this reaction of three young Chinese women in their mid-20s is indicative of real changes in many young Chinese women's attitude to the romantic landscape.

In a recent survey, 61 percent of Chinese women ranked self-fulfillment - not love - as their number one priority, Conducted by Yueji Self, a Chinese-language magazine, the study found that only 22.5 percent of the women positioned love as their first priority.

Still another change in Chinese romantic life is the growing difficulty young people encounter in finding suitable romantic partners.

Here is the list of chinese woman priorities :

1.The children – their health, education and well-being.
2.There is an equal feeling of importance here: a. Her Parents. b. Her Husband.
3.What others think of her family.
4.Taking care of the home.Making sure it is comfortable and clean.
5.Herself is an equal feeling of importance here:
a. Her friends. b. Her husband’s parent.
7.Her peers at work.
8.The pets, if they have any.

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