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Cecilia Cheung Hong Kong Actress full of scandal

Cecilia Cheung (Zhang Bo Zi) is one of most famous Hong Kong Celebrities. Cecilia Cheung is a famous actress, singer. Her husband is Nicholas Tse, and from their married, born Lucas Tse.

I first noticed Cecilia Cheung from her sad movies with superstar Richie Ren "Fly Me To Polaris". Her songs, although not as famous as her movies, are not bad.

Cecilia Cheung Profile :
Name: Cecilia Cheung
Chinese Name: 張栢芝
Vietnamese Name: Trương Bá Chi
Birth Date: May 29, 1980
Birth Place: Hong Kong
Education: RMIT HOLMES COLLEGE of Australia
Language(s): Cantonese, Mandarin, English
Height: 5'5" (165 cm)
Weight: 100 lbs
Martial Status: Married (to Nicholas Tse and has a son, Lucas)
Likes: Sing, Dance, Swim, go to a movie, read a book , plays tennis
Favorite Food (s): Cheese, Chocolate
Favorite Color(s): Red, white, purple, black,white, beige
Favorite Animal(s): Dog, pig, tiger, lion

Any Weather (1999)
Destination (1999)
903 California Red Concert (2000)
A Brand New Me (最新形象) (2000)
Cecilia Cheung (2000)
Party All the Time (2001)
New and Best Collection (2001)
Shaolin Soccer (2002)
Colour of Lip (至愛唇色(新曲+精選)) (2002)
C1 (2005)

The King of Comedy | 喜劇之王 (1999) nominated as best new actress in Hong Kong Film Awards
Fly Me to Polaris | 星願 (1999)
The Legend of Speed | 烈火戰車2之極速傳說 (1999)
Help!!! | 辣手回春 (2000)
Tokyo Raiders | 東京功略 (2000)
Twelve Nights | 十二夜 (2000)
Wu Yen | 鐘無艷 (2001)
Master Q 2001 | 老夫子2001 (2001)
Everyday Is Valentine | 情謎大話王 (2001)
Failan (2001)
Shaolin Soccer | 少林足球 (2001)
Para Para Sakura | Para Para 嬰之花 (2001)
The Legend of Zu | 屬山正傳 (2001)
The Lion Roars | 我家有一隻河東師 (2002)
Second Time Around | 無限復活 (2002)
Mighty Baby | 絕世好B (2002)
Honesty | 絕種好男人 (2003)
Cat and Mouse | 老鼠愛上貓 (2003)
Running on Karma | 大隻老 (2003)
Lost in Time | 忘了忘不了 (2003) Won Best female actress in Golden Bauhinia and Hong Kong Film Awards
Fantasia | 鬼馬狂想曲 (2004)
Sex and the Beauties | 性感都市 (2004)
Papa Loves You | 這個阿爸真爆炸 (2004)
One Nite in Mongkok | 旺角黑夜 (2004)
The White Dragon | 小白龍情海翻波 (2004)
Himalaya Singh | 喜瑪拉阿星 (2005)
The Promise | 無極 (2005) Film Nominated in the Golden Globe, HK Film Awards, Golden Trailer, Fantasporto
The Shopaholics | 最愛女人購物狂 (2006)
My Kung-Fu Sweetheart | 野蠻秘笈 (2006)
The 601st Phone Call | 第601個電話 (2006)

Cecilia Cheung now is having a sex scandal. Same with other Hong Kong famous Actress like Gillian Chung, Bobo Chan, Jolin Tsai, Elva Hsiao, Cecilia Cheung get her nude sex scandal found with Edison Chan.

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